Saturday, July 19, 2008

There's Nothing To Do On Mars by Chris Gall

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Illustrated by Chris Gall

Abstract: After moving to Mars with his family, Davey complains of being bored until he begins exploring the planet with his dog Polaris and uncovers a most unusual "treasure."

Little, Brown and Company, 2008


Michael said...

The colors in this book are amazing! These pictures add to the story without redirecting the reader. Not only that, the story is intriguing and the pictures add to the story. I do think that the pictures tell the story.

Anonymous said...

This book is alright, but nothing too special. It would be okay to have in a classroom library, but I doubt I would include it in the curriculum. Like many books, it could be used as an imaginary writing prompt, but there are many other, more enticing, books.