Friday, July 11, 2008

Short Lists/Long Lists

We’ve had several questions about whether all the titles posted on this blog will be on the reading list for our Mock Caldecott and when the Reading Lists will be posted. I think it’s easiest if you consider all the titles posted on this blog to be a “long list.” All interested readers are encouraged to post their comments about these books and to add their own suggestions of titles to consider.

We will have four “short lists” posted during the year. These short list titles will be selected from the titles already discussed on the blog as well as books that have been highly recommended by ACPL staff, and/or have received starred reviews. Our actual discussion in January will focus on titles on the four short lists.

If you want to suggest a book for discussion on this blog, just email the title or post your suggestion using the comments.

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Anonymous said...

What about Baseball Hour, illustrated by Bill Thomson! This is by far the best illustrated book of 2008!