Sunday, September 28, 2008

Drive by Nathan Clement

Illustrated by Nathan Clement

Abstract: In brief text with illustrations, a boy describes his father's work as a truck driver.

Front Street, 2008.


Mandy said...

I was unimpressed with this book from the get-go. The front cover is really appealing, but I totally expected to see the rest of the truck when I opened the book up to look at the entire cover (instead I just saw half a truck and a really big, boring backyard).

Illustrations inside the book were no better. There seemed to be a lot of awkward angles, and it was obvious that the illustrator was trying very hard not to show us any faces.

I'm sure truck-loving kids will pick it up, but I there must be better truck books out there.

Kris said...

The text of this story is really more about the child's father, the truck-driver, than about the truck itself. That being said, I thought the illustrations were a little too impersonal, they didn't feel right when considered with the text.

I did think the perspective the illustrator used was often interesting, giving a view of a truck or the driver not often considered in a picture book. However, compared to others published this year, this one's not my favorite.