Monday, October 27, 2008

The Little Yellow Leaf, by Carin Berger

Illustrated by Carin Berger.

Abstract: A yellow leaf is not ready to fall from the tree when autumn comes, but finally, after finding another leaf still on the tree, the two let go together.

Greenwillow Books, 2008.


Marian said...

This book didn't make our Mock Caldecott List, but it is fabulous. It is a great story with beautiful and original artwork. It could be the sleeper that wins.

Jana said...

"The Little Yellow Leaf" is about a leaf who rides out the short days and long nights of autumn and winter for as long as he can. Right away this book strikes me as unique with its slender, vertical covers that compares to a tree. Some pages look like old yellow notebook paper, and other pages use what looks like old newspaper. These illustrations are so unique, but simple and fitting for the story. This could definitely win the award!
I would use this book in the lower elementary grades during an autumn unit, or I could use the book for a lesson on word choice in either the lower or upper elementary grades.