Monday, October 13, 2008

Old Bear, by Kevin Henkes

Illustrated by Kevin Henkes.

Abstract: When Old Bear falls asleep for the winter, he has a dream that he is a cub again, enjoying each of the four seasons.

Greenwillow Books, 2008.


Kris said...

This book is phenomenal! The illustrations add SO MUCH to the story, Henkes use of color to evoke each of the seasons in Old Bear's dreams is just wonderful, and for a child audience, would be nothing less than magical. Even the endpapers open with the brown hues of fall, and end with the brightness of spring. Delightful!

Anonymous said...

This is my pick for at least a Caldecott Honor! I love the illustrations! And I noticed ALA was selling Old Bear posters and bookmarks which means it is already a classic!