Friday, December 5, 2008

Jibberwillies at Night, by Rachel Vail

Illustrated by Yumi Heo.

Abstract: Katie is almost always happy, but sometimes at night, when the Jibberwillies come and scare her, her mother must catch them in a bucket and throw them out the window before Katie can fall asleep.

Scholastic Press, 2008.


Michael said...

I wasn't the biggest fan of the pictures in this book. I feel like all of the colors placed sporadically on the pages takes away from the true story. Sometimes the pictures made me lose track of the story.

Anonymous said...

This book is truly adorable! If I had a classroom of younger students, I would find an excuse to read it during story time at least once. If I had a young son or daughter, I would read it frequently before bedtime. Books like this one make reading fun and entertaining and silly.