Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Machines Go To Work by William Low

Illustrated by William Low

Abstract: Toddlers love machines and things that go, and this book gives them everything they want, from a cement mixer to a helicopter to a backhoe. Six interactive gatefolds extend the original pictures to three pages, revealing something new about each situation. The final double gatefold opens into a very long train and shows all the machines at work! The last spread provides additional information about each machine for young readers to pore over again and again. William Low's classically trained artist's eye adds a new layer to this genre--both parents and children will appreciate the beautiful illustrations, the attention to detail, and the clever situational twists revealed by lifting the flaps.


Kris said...

I like the bright, bold colors, the texture of the brush strokes, and the big flaps to open in this book! This is more than just another truck book.

Jen said...

We loved the flaps, and read it many times before returning it to the library.