Thursday, November 12, 2009

2010 Mock Caldecott: Reading List #3

This is the third of four short lists for the Mock Caldecott election at the Allen County Public Library. The first and second lists are also available on this blog. We'll continue to highlight and discuss a wide variety of picture books on our blog, and we encourage your comments on all of them. The books on this short list, however are now destined to be "brought to the table" to be discussed in more depth at our Mock Caldecott Discussion and Election on January 16, 2010.

We'd love to hear what you think about these books. Please leave comments about each title on its respective blog post. If you'd like to suggest a book for the final list, send me an
email or leave a comment.

  • Robot Zot by Jon Scieszka, illustrated by David Shannon
  • Mama Says by Rob D. Walker, illustrated by Leo & Diane Dillon


Kyle said...

My students are still talking about he Day Glo Boys. They loved it. Crow Call is a beautiful book, but my favorite this year is The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. This books pushed The Gardener and Miss Rumphius off the top of my list of favorite read alouds.

Kris said...

How cool that you're using the books on the list with your students! I'm always interested to hear how children react to the books we adults choose for them. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Simon Levin said...

I read "The Curious Garden" aloud to K-4th students a week ago and they were enchanted. We live in a suburb of NYC so I was able to connect the book with the High Line project there (the conversion of an abandoned railway line into an elevated walkway/park) - info. at:

Here's the full storytime:

Theme: "Anything is Possible" -- Bedminster 12/4/09 -- sharing a couple of brand-new books and a couple of new finds

The Curious Garden -- Brown (fable inspired by the Highline Park project in NYC -- reclaiming abandoned elevated train track c2009)

Imagine -- Messenger (eye-boggling, mind-stretching pictures c2005)

The Pink Refrigerator -- Egan (magical refrigerator spurs bored man to do more with his life c2007)

Winter's Tail: How One Little Dolphin Learned to Swim Again -- Hatkoff (true story of an injured dolphin who learns to swim with a prosthetic tail and the inspiration she provides for kids with disabilities c2009)

(Also shared "Higher Higher"-- Patricelli & Princess Hyacinth : (the surprising tale of a girl who floated) -- Heide with some groups)