Wednesday, December 14, 2011

An Annoying ABC

An Annoying ABC
by Barbara Bottner
illustrated by Michael Emberley

Summary:  "From annoying to apologizing, with an alphabet of mischief in between..."--back cover.

Alfred A. Knopf, 2011.


Yed said...

I really liked this book, but wondering if it is eligible for the Caldecott, since the illustrator resides in Ireland (according to the book flap). Possible he has a U.S. residence as well, but it made me curious. Anyone know the answer? I would think about including it in my list, since I really enjoyed the illustrations, but wonder about the eligibility.

Kris said...

I had to dig for this, but I think I have an answer for you, Yed. According to his website, Michael Emberley was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Although he does currently reside in Ireland, he is still a US citizen by birthright, which fulfills the Caldecott Award criteria. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

Yed said...

Kris -
Thanks. This was a fun book, and a great read, so I was hoping it might be eligible. Thanks for taking the time to research it for me.